Comments by Siddharth Borania(Gajjar)

Happy Dhanterash.
nature devoted website, sparrow feeder buy online, http://www.natureforever.org
Every small placement in web make difference for user experience.
LinqPad is good tool to execute LINQ on the fly, check more here, www.linqpad.net
In jquery use .live method(instead of bind) to deal with dynamiccally created elements event
Calling pagemethod of asp.net from jquery does not require absolute url,relative works also.
Shri Hanuman ji Maharaj ni janma jayanti ni subhkamna.
Dynamic website in Asp.Net, optimize aspx page output by setting few parameters, trace and viewstateencryption mode at page level.
SOAP is light weight protocal passed over TCP IP.
Stick to the only thing that makes u most happy, ignore other little ones.
Glourious victory by BJP in india for 2014 elections. May india get better future ahead.
Smartphone usage increasing in india.
Jai shree ganeshay namah...
Vote for india, vote for better future.
Jai Hanuman, Birthday of great god in india.
Use html5/css3 to enhance user experience and interactivity of website.
Having sparrow nest at home in this summer 2014, siddharth borania, gujarat.
World sparrow day
Calculater for FD, http://www.allbankingsolutions.com/fdcal.htm
Use dll when version conflicts